Cornwall Riviera

With around 300 miles of spectacular coastline, Cornwall is renowned for its amazing scenery, world famous surfing beaches, rugged cliff tops, luscious gardens and warm climate.



A blend of small towns and rugged mountain scenery that provides a mecca for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Everything about Wales offers relaxation and escape from urban living.


scottish loch

Rich in history and tradition, and boasting some of the most spectacular scenery in Britain, Scotland is a truly magical place to visit.


exmoor national park

With over 2000 square miles of scenic countryside, rolling hills and picturesque coastlines, Devon offers a more peaceful and much slower pace of life.

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Great British Bee Count 2016

The Great British Bee count is back again in 2016 and runs from 19 May to 30 June. The count aims to raise awareness about the wide diversity of Britain's bees, the threats they face and what people can do to help them; in particular by creating bee-friendly gardens and other habitats.

TV presenter Michaela Strachan is backing this year's event. She is joining with Friends of the Earth to urge people across the UK to create bee-friendly gardens and other habitats this spring, to help our bees and other threatened pollinators.

The call for the creation of bee-friendly habitats, is also backed by one of Britain's leading bee experts, Professor Dave Goulson, who warned that the loss of flower meadows and quiet places to nest, was one of the threats bees face.

To participate you can download thee free app and find out how bee-friendly your garden or other open space is, and record the bees you see. Over 100,000 bees were recorded last year.

You can get hold of the free Great British Bee Count app here:

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