Routes - Pilgrims' Way

Pilgrims' Way

Established during Victorian times, the Pilgrims' Way is a non-waymarked route, consisting of minor roads and trackways, that run for 120 miles (192 km) from Winchester to Canterbury, along the lower portion of the downs. The route coincides with parts of the North Downs Way track, which is much much older than the Pilgrims' Way, and was used by Bronze Age traders long before the Christian era. Modern pilgrims (walkers and ramblers) are better following the more clearly waymarked tracks of St Swithun's Way to Farnham and then join the North Downs Way on to Canterbury.

Pilgrims Way, near Charing in Kent

This section of the Pilgrims Way, near Charing in Kent, is said to be a section of the route taken by medieval pilgrims from London to Canterbury.

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