Close to St Keverne and on the coast, Porthoustock, is not quite as picturesque as most old fishing villages. Aggregates are quarried nearby and Porthoustock beach is mostly large stones and shingle.

Porthoustock Beach

The local fishermen lay log tracks down to the sea in order to protect the boats when hauling them ashore. A large concrete silo dominates the left side of the beach, once used as a hopper to load aggregate into waiting haulage vessels. The cove is popular with divers exploring the numerous sunken vessels that perished on the nearby Manacle Rocks.

The Manacles comprise two square kilometres of often submerged rocks lurking just off Porthoustock and menacing all ships entering Falmouth Bay. The present St Anthony lighthouse at the mouth of Falmouth harbour provides a "red sector" to warn ships straying dangerously near to the teeth of the Manacles.

Content by B. Benney

Map of Porthoustock


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