St Keverne is reputed to be the largest village on the Lizard peninsula. The tall steeple of its church tower has provided a landmark for ships for many a century. In fact the Manacles rocks, that lie just off the coast, are probably named from St Keverne church (the term "manacles" means Church Rocks). Unlike most other places in Cornwall the village has been built around a central square, which is unusual for a Cornish village.

St Keverne Church

The Parish Church of St Keverne © TAB

The 30lb cannon, visible in the grounds of the church, was recovered from HMS Primrose; wrecked on the Manacles in 1809.

Historically, St Keverne seems to have been quite a centre for unrest. The Cornish rebellion of 1497 started here and was led by the local blacksmith Michael An Gof who is commemorated by a statue in the village. The protest was against Henry VII attempting to impose a war tax on the poor tin miners of Cornwall. The village was again up in arms in 1549 when the church authorities attempted to force the Cornish-speaking locals to use the new English Prayer Book.

Content by B. Benney

Map of St Keverne


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