This sleepy little market town lies deep in the heart of Leicestershire's rich countryside. The nearby Bosworth Field is renowned as the site for the decisive battle of the 'War of the Roses', between Richard III and Henry Tudor; who defeated Richard to become Henry VII of England.

Market Bosworth Market Square
Market Bosworth Market Place, © Travel About Britain

Richard III stayed the night at the White Boar Inn in Market Bosworth, preceding the Battle of Bosworth, and hid £300 in a false bottom of his bed. As he was killed in battle the next day no one returned to collect it, so it remained undiscovered until the reign of Elizabeth l. The then landlord discovered the money and became rich, but ironically, following the landlord's death, his widow was then murdered on account of her wealth.

Market Bosworth is a pleasant place to visit, with an award winning fish and chip shop, an excellent tea shop and many old pubs and coaching inns. At the heart of the town is a small market square (circa 1285), where regular markets are still held. The surrounding streets are filled with pretty thatched cottages and Georgian houses.

The two main buildings of interest in Market Bosworth are its famous hall "Bosworth Hall" and the Dixie Grammar School (opposite the market place). The town has been associated with the Dixie family for hundreds of years and the old Tudor grammar school was originally founded by Sir Wolstan Dixie, in 1601. Bosworth Hall, to the east of the town, is a fine piece of English Renaissance from the time of Queen Anne, similar in style to Hampton Court, built in red brick and white stone. This grand hall (shown below), was the ancestral home of the Dixie family from 1680 to 1880, and is now a luxury 190 room hotel, health spa and leisure club.

It is said that the hall is haunted by the ghost of Ann Dixie, the daughter of Sir Wolstan Dixie, who tragically killed his daughter in error when he set traps to ensnare her lover, the local gardener's son.

Bosworth Hall
Bosworth Hall and Church of St Peter © Travel About Britain

The 14th-C. Church of St Peter (just visible in the left of the picture above) nestles amongst the trees to the north of the town and contains many memorials to the Dixie family.

To the east of the town is a large country park, with a small lake and arboretum (open to the public all year), which is ideal for walks and barbecue picnics. To the west of the town lies the Bosworth Water Trust, a 50 acre leisure park with large lakes for fishing, sailing and water sports and nearby camping facilities.

Not far from the town is the Market Bosworth Light Railway. A pleasant steam-train line which runs through quiet countryside from Shackerstone Station to Shenton Station (walking distance from the Bosworth Battlefield Centre). The line was completely restored by the Shackerstone Railway Society in 1970. In the stationmaster's office you will find an eclectic collection of lamps, levers, clocks, dials, posters and other railway memorabilia. In the station yard sits a very fine collection of restored steam locomotives and vintage diesel engines, plus several steam cranes, which are still used for track maintenance.

Map of Market Bosworth

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