Ten years after the Mayflower sailed with the Pilgrim Fathers to America, another band of Puritans set out from Boston (Lincolnshire, England), to found a settlement of the same name in what is now Massachusetts, USA. Ironically their pioneering efforts eventually contributed to the Lincolnshire town's decline as a major sea port, for as a transatlantic trade grew, ports on the west coast, such as Bristol and Liverpool, took trade away from those in the east.

Boston market place
Boston Market Place © Travel About Britain
Boston Stump

St Botolph's Church © TAB

The 14th-c medieval St Botolph's Church, whose 272 ft tower, known locally as the 'Boston Stump', is a prominent landmark in the town. This lofty lantern tower was once a beacon for Fenland travellers and navigators on The Wash. Nearly one-third of lincolnshire can be viewed from the top, including Lincoln, 32 miles northwest. The church has a medieval painted ceiling and its misericords date from 1390.

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Places of interest to visit in Boston

Boston Quay

Boston Quay and Customs House

Near the quay stands the Customs House, a fine example of 18th century architecture, which displays an impressive royal coat of arms over the entrance.

Boston Guildhall MuseumGuildhall Museum

The town museum, a 15th century Guildhall, houses the cells in which the Pilgrim Fathers were imprisoned in 1607, after their first attempt to escape to America.

Fydell House

fydell House

Arguable the grandest house in town (adjoining the museum) it was built in 1726 by William Fydell, three times Mayor of Boston. It has a dedicated 'American Room' reserved for the use of visitors from Boston, USA.

Pilgrim Fathers Memorial

Erected in 1957, the memorial is located just outside of Boston in Fishtoft.

Map of Boston


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