The county of Nottinghamshire (Notts) is mainly flat, from its eastern border with Lincolnshire, except for a few rolling hills in the western part, which includes the now abandoned coal mining belt. The dispersed wooded district of Sherwood Forest begins in the west and centre of the county.

Robin Hood Statue

Robin Hood Statue Below Notts Castle © TAB

Local folklore tells of the fabled Robin Hood, who was captain of a band of outlaws who lived in Sherwood Forest. The band would lie in wait for rich travellers who came through the forest, then rob them to distribute their wealth to the poor. Robin Hood is said to have been born at Locksley (some tales claim that he was really the Earl of Huntingdon), and was forced to become an outlaw through having squandered his inheritance. Others say that he gave up the life of luxury of his own free will.

Robin Hood was said to be a merry man, but fair and courteous, always ready to engage in a fight and challenge anyone whom he thought a suitable candidate for his band of outlaws. Some of his companions were Little John (his second in command), Much the Miller's son, Will Scarlet and Friar Tuck. He also had a lady-love named Maid Marion. His main foe was the Sheriff of Nottingham, whom he managed to outwit and humiliate on numerous occasions. Whether Robin Hood was actually a true historical character or not, he still remains one of the most famous folk-heroes in Britain.

'The Legend of Robin Hood Lythe and Listin, gentilmen That he of frebore blode: I shall you tel of a gode yeman His name was Robyn Hode.'


County Town:

Nottingham - distance from London: 129 miles (207 km)

Nearby Counties:

Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire

Train Operators:

East Midlands Trains

Nearest Airport:

East Midlands

Major Roads:


Highest point:

Strawberry Bank, Huthwaite, 650 feet


Devon, Idle, Maun, Trent

County Flower:

Autumn Crocus

Local Delicacies:

Mansfield Pudding - a brandy-flavoured suet sponge pudding, sprinkled with sugar.

The Meaning of Nottinghamshire

First recorded in 1016 as Snotinghamscir, which means 'The place of Snot's people'

Map of Nottinghamshire

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Towns and Villages in Notts

Bingham, Mansfield, Newark-on-Trent, Nottingham, Retford, Ruddington, Southwell, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Worksop

Attractions in Nottinghamshire


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