Rutland is Britain's smallest county. It is characterized by ridges of low, undulating hills and valleys running east west; the highest point being towards the centre of the county. The River Welland runs along its southeastern boundary.

Rutland Water

Rutland Water © TAB

Rutland Water, a large man-made reservoir, is the focal point of the county. Providing walking, cycling, water sports and spectacular scenery.

The county of Rutland was once royal hunting country. It was designated a forest, during the reign of William the Conqueror; therefore subject to forest laws and preserved for the chasing of deer and wild boar. Little remains of the forest to this day and the whole area is now a mainly agricultural. However, the hunting tradition still remains and Rutland is home to the oldest and most famous hunt in the kingdom; the Cottesmore, established in 1732.

'There are some beautiful spots on its banks towards the little village of Tickencote southward, where the bank on the field side rises very stunt in some places from the edge of the river, and may, by a fancy used to a flat country, be easily imagined into mountains. The whole prospect is diversified into gently-swelling slopes and easy-swimming valleys.'

John Clare (1817)

County Town:

Oakham - distance from London: 102 miles (164 km)

Nearby Counties:

Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire

Train Operators:

East Midlands Trains

Nearest Airport:


Major Roads:

A47, A606

Highest point:

Ranksborough Hill, 625 feet


Eye, Chater, Wash, Welland

County Flower:

Clustered Bellflower

Local Delicacies:

Ruddles beer - originates from the county and its motto refers to the size of the county: 'Much out of little.'

The Meaning of Rutland

First recorded in 863 as Roteland, which means Rota's land. It was once a personal possession of Queen Edith, wife of Edward the Confessor, after which it became an endowment/dowry for Norman Queens until it became a county.

Map of Rutland

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Towns and Villages in Rutland

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