A small market town on the Western edge of Salisbury Plain. Once an important wool town, it is now a bustling commercial centre with good a mix of shops, hotels, restaurants and tea rooms. At one end of the main street is an old marketplace overlooked by a fine 19th-c Town Hall. The marketplace is lined with Georgian houses that hark back to a more prosperous past, when the area was heavily involved in the weaving industry. Some of the town's old inns date back to the 14th-c.

Westbury White Horse
Westbury White Horse © Christine Matthews (CC2)

The 19th-c perpendicular church of All Saints has a rare oblong crossing tower, with one of the heaviest peel of bells in the world. It has a chained library and several 17th and 18th-c monuments. Near to the church is an old but still operational Victorian swimming baths.

It is believed that the Kings of Wessex once had a stronghold in this area. Just above the town sits the oldest white horse in Wiltshire, thought to have been cut to commemorate King Alfred's victory over the Danes in AD 878. It was later remodeled to a more elegant shape in the 18th-c. Near to the site of the horse are the extensive prehistoric earthworks of Bratton Castle.

Map of Westbury


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